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Executive Programs Real Estate School offers a simple and convenient 45 hour package for both real estate sales and real estate broker license renewal. Our package meets all DRE 45-hour continuing education requirements


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Course material and incremental assessments/quiz questions are provided in a static print format and can be downloaded, printed and completed manually in accordance with DRE Regulation:3(j)(1). Students are required to read the course material and complete the incremental assessments/quizzes before proceeding to the final examination. (DRE Regulation 3006(p)) Answers and explanations will be available after students answer the course quiz questions.

All quiz questions are provided in an open book multiple choice format. Students are NOT required to pass the quizzes with any particular passing score. Students may retake the quizzes indefinitely until the continuing education course expires or is completed.

For correspondence courses that use static print delivered in electronic media, a maximum of eight (8) hours reading time per day shall be utilized in calculating the number of days that must lapse from the time the participant has had access to the course material until the final examination can be accessed. (DRE Regulation 3006(g)).

Final examinations are also provided in an open book multiple choice format. Studentsare allowed One (1) minute per question, collectively, to complete and pass any continuing education final examination. For instance a 15 question final examination would allow a maximum time of 15 minutes to complete and pass. A 100 question final examination would allow a maximum time of 100 minutes to complete and pass.

No final examination questions can be duplicates of any incremental assessments/quiz questions. (DRE Regulation 3007.3(l))

It is against the California Department of Real Estate regulations to download or print any final examination; in part or its entirety. (DRE Regulation 3007.3(a) (DRE Regulation 3006(o)).

DRE Regulations require a minimum score of 70% on any final examination to pass a continuing education course. (DRE Regulation 3007.3(o)).

Students will not be given the correct answer to any final examination question. Students will learn their score upon completion of each final examination. The program will not direct you specifically to where you can locate the answer to any question in a final examination.

Students are limited to completing no more than 15 credit hours of any final examination in a 24 hour period. The maximum time to complete any continuing education course is one (1) year from the date of enrollment. Any course final examination must be taken and passed before midnight of your course expiration date. (DRE Regulation 3007.3(c))

If you fail a final examination, you will be provided one (1) opportunity to take a second final examination. The questions on the second final examination will be different from those on the first exam. (DRE Regulation 3007.3(k))

If you fail a second final examination, DRE Regulation 3007.3(k) requires you start the course over. Starting the course over will require minimum time frames to restart.

The California Department of Real Estate requires students ensure by written statement, signed under penalty of perjury, that the participant enrolled is the person completing the required course hours of study and taking the final examination. (DRE Regulation 3006(o))

A participant shall provide one of the following forms of identification immediately before enrolling in an online presentation of an offering or, immediately before the administration of the final examination.

(a) A current California Driver's License which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of participant.

(b A California License Identification Number which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of participant. (Section 13000 of the California Vehicle Code).

(c) A real estate related trade organization or government agency identification issued in the last five (5) years, which bears a photograph, signature, and identification number of participant.

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